Amalie Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday is a stunning miniature Labradoodle, who began with creamy chocolate colouring which gradually developed into rare parchment colouring as per colouring gradings.

Sire: Tallai Tango Jazz

Dam: Amalie Remy

Colour: Parchment

Grade: PAL

Size: Miniature

Weight: 9kg

Coat: Fleece

DNA Profile: 19195596

Hips: 1, 1

Elbows: 0, 0

Billie Holiday is described as a darling by all who meet her.  With snuggles always readily available, she is measured and relaxed in her nature yet always willing to give endless affection.  She has always held herself with a certain depth and mysterious wiseness that is utterly entrancing, captivating those around her.  She is highly attuned to her humans, and gentle yet affectionate with those she is not so familiar with.  She is a prime example of the breed, and we are beyond thrilled to have her presence in our breeding program.

Her rare colouring is not justified by photos, and is incredibly difficult to describe without sighting it – it is light, almost white yet somehow not white at all, with tones of silver yet the warmth and creaminess of soft chocolate latte tones throughout.  With such striking and difficult to describe colouring, it is little wonder that this colour is classified as rare by Labradoodle associations.

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