labradoodle-puppies-feeding-bluefieldsYour Labradoodle pup is accustomed to eating 3 times per day.   Within a few weeks you should be able to tell if they would be content with changing to 2 meals per day.  Some dogs will be happy with 1 meal per day from about the age of one year onwards, but this is a decision that should be made on a pup-to-pup basis.  Your puppy will need to have access to plenty of fresh water.

Our Labradoodles enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables, including blueberries, apples, bananas, strawberries, pumpkin, beans, peas, and carrots.  They also thoroughly enjoy eggs, cooked or raw.  Our dogs enjoy a balanced and grain-free dog food, coupled with good quality fresh meats.  If choosing to feed dry food, there are fantastic quality brands available, such as Frontier, Ivory Coat, and Ziwi Peak, that offer well considered and high quality balance.  If electing to feed your dog a predominantly raw diet, it is a good idea to ensure a balance that follows a ratio of 80% meat, 10% offal, and 10% bone.


It is very easy to make food yourself for you dog, and enables you to give your dog a good variety of nutrients.  You can search for recipes on the internet that would suit your dog, or ask your vet.  Be aware of the additives that some pet foods may have in them, as these can often have a negative effect on their long-term health.


Raw bones are also fantastic for Labradoodles, including ribs and chicken necks. Ask your local butcher for a nicely cut dog bone suitable for the size of your pup. Your puppy will love a good bone to chew on, as they are often obsessed with chewing anything and everything at this age! Bones are a great source of calcium, as well as acting as a fantastic tooth brush for dogs!


We avoid feeding our dogs high-lactose forms of dairy, such as milk and cream, as these can cause gastrointestinal issues of varying severity.  We also abstain from giving our pups lactose-free puppy milk, as it is nutrionally redundant in the presence of a balanced diet.  Our dogs do, however, thoroughly enjoy a treat of cheese or the occasional splash of yoghurt.


bluefields-labradoodles-feeding-puppies-dietIvory Coat is a great option for your puppy, as it is nutritionally balanced and high quality. Your puppy will be used to this already, having eaten it at our home. Another firm favourite is Vets All Natural, a rehydratable and biologically appropriate option that is mixed through raw meat.


Do not be too concerned if your puppy doesn’t seem very hungry – this often happens. Labradoodles by nature are not greedy or voracious eaters, and will generally only eat if they are hungry. You can weigh your puppy regularly to keep a track of their growth.


BEWARE of foods that are poisonous to dogs, such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, avocados, onion, garlic, and all cooked bones (this list is not exhaustive). Never feed your dog cooked bones as this can be fatal due to the bones splintering within the dogs intestinal system.