labradoodle-grooming-puppy-dog-bluefields-labradoodlesIt is ideal to get your puppy used to brushing straight away (using a soft brush).  You should aim to brush your Labradoodle well around once every fortnight.  When you brush, do so using a slicker brush and by thoroughly by parting the hair in layers and brushing down to the skin.  This way you ensure you aren’t just brushing the top layer.  Always pay careful attention to the areas around the collar and ears for mats, and on the rump.  It is useful to keep this particular area well groomed anyway, to avoid having to regularly clean any certain residue!  It is also advisable to check the paw pad for any knots, as these can become very uncomfortable.

At around 12 months old, your pups coat will change to its adult coat.  At around this time, extra brushing is definitely recommended.

You should be able to maintain a gorgeous Labradoodle look by scissor clipping when you see necessary, and regular brushing.   We also use blunt ended scissors to trim around the eyes.  Our Labradoodles are professionally groomed when necessary, approximately 2-3 times per year.

There are a number of detangler products for dogs available.  Olive oil can also be used to soak matts, and is non-toxic if licked during the process.  It can also be handy to cut vertically into a matt to seperate the knots, and then try to work on each smaller knot.

We do not frequently bath our Labradoodles as they have such a naturally clean coat, and in addition bathing too often will strip healthy oils from their coat.  Aloveen Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner is highly recommended, as it is of great quality and is gentle on their skin yet very cleansing.  It also has a pleasant odour.

When caring for the ears of our doods, we find that a weekly application of Kleo ear cleaner maintains a great condition, as well as Thornit ear powder when required.