Guardianship Program

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When selecting a pup for future breeding, we select the absolute best pick of the litter, the crème de la crème. From time to time, we seek a loving home for that stunning Labradoodle puppy. Being a part of our guardian home program can be an extremely rewarding and exciting experience, and espouses our passion for ethical breeding. Please complete a guardianship application form and/or contact us for more information than is listed here.

It is preferable that guardian families live on or reasonably close to the Mornington Peninsula, or Melbourne (within 1.5 hours of Mornington). Essentially, the guardian family is the true family of the dog, and will have full care of the pup as it grows and develops.


Bluefields Labradoodles retains breeding rights for the first few years of the dog’s life. After passing health testing at around 1 year of age, the dog will enter our breeding program until around 4-5 years of age. Following this, we will have the dog de-sexed for you, and they will exit our program, continuing on to live as your life-long family member.

The holding fee of a guardian home pup is far less than that of a regular pet pup, and is refunded in full at the conclusion of the breeding contract. All costs associated with breeding are paid by Bluefields Labradoodles, as well as complimentary obedience training and council registration. Other general pet costs, such as food, grooming, and standard health care/maintenance, are the responsibility of the guardian home.

The care that your guardian pup requires is much the same as a regular pet pup. A female would return to us a maximum of 4 times to whelp a litter, often less. She would return to us for approximately a week during her heat season, and would then return home to her family for the majority of her pregnancy. It is a very special thing to be a part of her pregnancy, and something the family can enjoy sharing with her. Canine pregnancy is 9 weeks, and when she reaches 8 weeks gestation she will return to Bluefields Labradoodles for her final week of pregnancy, and then for the next few weeks of caring for her pups. A male returns to us for approximately 24-72 hours at a time.

The guardian home program is a very important reflection of our breeding principles – every dog deserves their own loving home where they are able to be showered with love and attention. They also deserve to remain in that home when they are de-sexed and their breeding career is concluded, rather than being re-homed to an entirely new environment which can be confusing and traumatic. We believe that by structuring a breeding program where this is achieved for every single individual dog, the terrible practices of puppy farming will be eradicated. If you feel like this would be something you are interested in, please complete our guardianship application form and/or contact us for further details. We would love to hear from you.

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