Labradoodle sleep training in the early days can be made simpYour puppy will be accustomed to sleeping with his/her mum and siblings in our house, with plenty of blankets. It will be a big adjustment to change to their new home, but there are some things you can do to make this transition easier. Sending a small blanket/piece of clothing from your house for pup to sleep with a few weeks prior to going home helps.  That way the pup can begin to recognise your smell. We will also provide a small cloth that will smell like your pups poochy family. Others have found that a ticking clock (replicating the mothers heartbeat), or a hot water bottle (well wrapped) placed nearby can help. Wherever your puppy sleeps ensure they have comfort and privacy.


It is best that you decide where the puppy will sleep, and begin with that place straight away. Some people find crate training works very well, and there is a lot of information available regarding this strategy. Placing a towel or blanket on the crate can ensure privacy and quiet for your pup.  Though when daytime crate training it is advisable to remove this. While in the crate, pup should be able to see you walking around and completing tasks, and not only when you are letting them out.  This way that they do not associate the sight of you with crying for attention.

Puppies have gained attention from their mother by crying for the first part of their lives. They may continue to try this strategy to get your attention. It is up to you to decide how to deal with this. You can try ignoring this, or occasionally comforting the pup. However it is best to deal with it in a way that you want to continue, as the routines/responses you establish with your pup is what they will learn to expect from you.

For more information on Labradoodle sleep training, or ongoing care for your Bluefields pup, please contact us anytime.