Bluefields Snickers

Tri-coloured abstract Labradoodle stud

Bluefields Snickers (2022 hopeful)

Sire: La Maison Oracle

Dam: Amalie Oreo

Colour: Tri-colour abstract

Grade: ALF2

Size: Medium/standard

Weight: Pending

Coat: Fleece

DNA Profile: DM carrier

Hips: Pending

Elbows: Pending

“Eddie” is a firm favourite at Bluefields, our tri-coloured Labradoodle stud that comes from a long line of beautiful doods who espouse the classic Labradoodle look. ¬†Stocky, square body with his teddy bear face, as well as a beautifully soft fleece, fascinatingly coloured coat, and the sweetest personality, we can’t wait to see great things come from Eddie in late 2022!