the Australian labradoodle

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Why choose an Australian Labradoodle?

The Australian Labradoodle is more than simply a cross between a Poodle and a Labrador. Multiple generations of diligent and purpose-driven breeding have resulted in a stunning, unrivalled breed.  Labradoodles have evolved into a beautifully natured dog that has inherited all of the best traits of its predecessors.  Some of the features of a Labradoodle include:


– Easy to train
– Highly intelligent
– Beautiful temperament
– Hypo allergenic low-non shedding coat
– Affectionate and companionable
– Great with children

This mix creates a dog that is highly intelligent and has a warm and happy temperament. A renowned feature of the Labradoodle is its hypo allergenic low-non shedding coat which comes in variations of fleece and wool.

Another fabulous feature of their coat is that it is quite self-cleaning and low odour. You will find that a Labradoodle will not smell as strongly as other dogs. On occasions when they do get very muddy for instance this will generally resolve itself once dry.

These dogs make a great addition to any type of family or individual. They are truly fantastic companions for anybody. They are a dog which are great with children and are extremely happy, athletic, affectionate, and gentle.

The Labradoodle is easy to train, and has a highly intelligent and intuitive nature. They really are like humans with short legs and a fur coat! In our opinion though they often exceed the intelligence and kindness of humans!

There are a variety of sizes of the Australian Labradoodle.

Miniatures are 35-42 cms (shoulder to ground) and 7-13 kgs in weight.
Mediums are 43-52 cms (shoulder to ground) and up to 13-23 kgs in weight.
Standards are 53-63 cms (shoulder to ground)and up to 23-30 kgs in weight.