Toilet Training

Again, this requires a lot of consistency and persistence but the habits it establishes will be well worth it. We begin ‘toilet training’ our puppies at 3 weeks, using the ‘Misty Method’, so they should already have some idea of what is required of them. Take your puppy to the same spot every time they wake up, feed, if you observe them sniffing the ground/squatting, or if they get very excited. You could also try taking him/her outside to the same spot every hour. Avoid playing with your puppy during this time outside, as it will distract them from the task at hand. Always praise highly after they have done the deed. You may even wish to reward with a small treat.


It may be prudent to restrict the areas that the pup can access while toilet training. Pens, baby gates, or crates can be used for this purpose, but it is not advisable to leave pup crated for extended periods of time.


When cleaning up any ‘accidents’, do not use products that contain ammonia as this often attracts the pup to do business in the same place again. Pet stores carry lines of cleaners specifically for this purpose.